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Deweyland Reading Game

Playing Deweyland

Purpose: To encourage students to explore different subjects and topics while also learning how to better find books in the library.

How to Play: Each time a student can prove they have read a book from each Dewey category, the librarian will sign off the block on the Deweyland board. The student may be asked questions about the book or may be asked to go back and add more details to their summary. The students are expected to use their knowledge of summary writing learned in the ELA classroom.

Reward: Those students who read a book in each Dewey category will attend an end of the year celebration. This celebration will be an ice cream sundae party with none other than a candy bar to complete the sundae.


  • Students do not have to complete the board in order.

  • Students are encouraged to get the books from the library to learn the Dewey system.

  • Game boards can be picked up in the library.  Students are responsible for keeping up with the game board.

Reading Verification Sheet to Fill Out and Turn in with the Game Board- click here